Work out with a Partner
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A workout partner will motivate you

Peer pressure doesn’t end in adulthood — we are still largely influenced by our peers. If you are the only one in charge of your workout, you may decide that you don’t feel like it one night, which can quickly turn into a snowball effect. After skipping one workout, you may skip two, until you are no longer working out on a regular basis.A workout buddy is essentially a partnership, as you help one another reach your fitness goals and improve your health.

Competition enhances performance

When you have a workout partner, you will naturally improve performance levels based on our competitive nature. If your workout partner does 30 reps, you’ll likely follow — even if you only normally complete 15 reps.

You’ll try new things

To build an effective workout, sit down with your workout partner and create a loose schedule in terms of the muscle groups you’ll work. If you workout twice a week, switch things up and encourage each other to try new things, especially when you know it will push you to achieve more.

You’ll finally be able to afford a personal trainer

Sharing a cheeseburger is cheaper than buying one yourself (and fewer calories). The same math applies when it comes to a personal trainer. At Crunch, for example, a one-on-one session costs about $85, but a partner training session runs around $50 per person. “One-on-one training is still the bulk of my day, but I’m seeing more and more partner training for financial reasons alone,” says Stonehouse.